Advantage® for dogs

Advantage® for dogs

Treats: Fleas, lice

Pet Type

Pet type: Dogs and puppies from birth

Application Type

Application type: Topical (spot-on)


Dosage: 1 Month

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Simple and effective flea treatment

Fight fleas with ease. Advantage flea treatment for dogs is an easy-to-apply spot-on treatment that kills fleas within one day, preventing further infestations for up to four weeks. Used monthly, it’s a simple and effective way to protect your dog against fleas.

Why choose Advantage?
Kills fleas through contact
Suitable for use in puppies and adult dogs
Up to 1 month of protection
How does it work?

The active ingredient in Advantage flea treatment for dogs is able to kill fleas on contact, so fleas don’t have to bite your pet to be killed1 .

  • 1Mehlhorn et al. Parasitol Res (2001) 87:198-207, information is regarding mode of action and is not intended to imply parasites can be completely stopped from biting.
How to use Advantage
Advantage FAQs
How do dogs get fleas?

Fleas can invite themselves into your home and onto your dog in several ways:

  • If you come in contact with fleas, these pesky parasites can hitch a ride on you or your clothing and enter your home.
  • Other pets your dog comes in contact with can pass fleas to your dog.
  • Wild animals such as rabbits and possums can transport fleas into your garden, and your dog may pick them up there.
  • Don’t forget to think about all of your pets you might not have seen the cat scratching, but if they are not treated they could bring fleas into your home too.
What is the difference between Advantage and oral flea products?

Advantage flea treatment for dogs is a spot-on treatment you apply to your pet’s skin. It is able to kill fleas on contact no biting required.1 Oral flea products are active in the bloodstream, and fleas must attach and feed to be killed.

How often should I use Advantage?

It is recommended that you apply Advantage to your dog once a month all year round.

How long does Advantage last?

A single application lasts for a month.

When can I start using Advantage on my puppy?

You can use Advantage on your puppy from birth. However, treatment of the mother prior to weaning protects the litter while in contact so it is not usually necessary to treat unweaned puppies. Treat the mother until weaning and the individual puppies afterwards.

What is the expiration date for Advantage for dogs?

Your Advantage pack will contain this information.

When can I bathe my dog after applying Advantage?

If you need to bathe your dog between applications, always use a soap-free shampoo. It’s best to wash your dog, wait until they are fully dry and then apply Advantage. For optimal skin health in well dogs, don’t bathe your dog more frequently than fortnightly.

How long do I need to wait after bathing my pet before I apply Advantage?

Wait until your dog is fully dry before applying Advantage.

Can I allow my pet to swim when using Advantage?

The active ingredient in Advantage sits in the waterproof layer of your dog’s skin, and the product remains effective if your dog becomes wet on occasion (for example after exposure to heavy rain or swimming).

Can I use Advantage if my dog is on medication?

Speak to your vet before using Advantage in conjunction with any other medication.

Can I use Advantage on a pregnant or lactating bitch?

Yes, Advantage is registered for use during pregnancy and lactation.

My dog spends most of its time indoors. Should I still use Advantage?

Even indoor pets can get fleas they can be carried into the home on clothing or on other pets that visit the house, so it’s still important to protect your dog with a flea product like Advantage.

I have only seen fleas on one of my pets. Is it sufficient to only treat the infested pet?

No, it is important to treat all your animals with a suitable product. If one pet has fleas, other pets in the house will soon be infested too. Also, these untreated pets will provide a blood meal to the fleas and the fleas will not be killed, so the infestation will continue.

Can I split tubes of Advantage between my dogs?

No, you should use the product only as directed. If you’re unsure of any directions for the application of Advantage for dogs, contact your vet.

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