Advantage® for cats

Advantage® for cats

Treats: Fleas

Pet Type

Pet type: Cats and kittens from birth

Application Type

Application type: Topical (spot-on)


Dosage: 1 Month

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Fast-acting flea treatment

Advantage flea treatment for cats is applied to your cat’s skin and gets to work quickly, killing existing fleas within one day and re-infesting fleas within an hour and for up to a month. Advantage is a spot-on solution that is easy to apply and kills fleas on contact, so fleas don’t have to bite to die. Simple to use, Advantage helps give you peace of mind in the fight against fleas.

Why choose Advantage?
Kills fleas through contact
Suitable for use in kittens and adult cats
Up to 1 month of protection
How does Advantage work?

Advantage contains an active ingredient, imidacloprid, that works fast and is able to kill fleas on contact, as it is not absorbed into the bloodstream. The active ingredient remains in the lipid (oily/fatty) layer of your cat’s skin and fur. It also kills flea larvae in the home. As your cat naturally sheds their dead skin and fur, imidacloprid is also shed into the environment. Larvae are killed within 20 minutes of contact with this imidacloprid. This breaks the flea lifecycle.

Advantage FAQs
How do cats get fleas?

Fleas can invite themselves into your home and on to your cat in various ways:

  • If you come into contact with fleas, these pesky parasites can hitch a ride on you or your clothing and enter your home.
  • Wandering animals shed eggs into the environment, they then hatch and complete their lifecycle by developing into adults and taking a blood meal from your cat.
  • Other infested pets your cat comes into contact with or that pass through your backyard.
  • Animals such as other cats and possums can transport fleas into your garden, and your cat may pick them up there.
  • Untreated pets at home can pass fleas to your cat.
What is the difference between Advantage and oral flea products?

With oral treatments fleas must bite and feed to then be killed. Advantage flea treatment for cats is a spot-on treatment that is applied to the skin and kills fleas on contact, so it does not require fleas to bite.1

1Mehlhorn et al. Parasitol Res (2001) 87:198-207, information is regarding mode of action and is not intended to imply parasites can be completely stopped from biting.

How often should I use Advantage?

It is recommended that Advantage be applied to your cat once a month all year round.

How long does Advantage last?

Advantage works quickly and continues to kill fleas for a month.

Can I use Advantage on my kitten?

Yes, Advantage can be used on kittens - there is no age or weight restriction. Prior to weaning, treatment of the mother protects the litter while in contact. Treat the mother until weaning and individual kittens afterwards.

Can I bathe my cat when using Advantage?

If you need to bathe your cat, we recommend bathing and then applying Advantage when your cat is dry, and then no more frequently than every two weeks.

Can I use Advantage if my cat is on medication?

Consult your vet before using Advantage in conjunction with any other medication.

Can I use Advantage on a pregnant or lactating cat?

Yes, Advantage is registered for use during pregnancy and lactation.

My cat is strictly indoors. Should I still use Advantage?

Fleas can enter your home through many means, including on your clothing, other pets, or rodents or mice, so even indoor cats are at risk of flea infestations.

I’ve only seen a couple of fleas on my cat. Should I still use Advantage?

If you see any fleas on your cat, you’re looking at only five per cent of the total number that might be in your home. For every flea you see, many more eggs, larvae and pupae are hidden in carpets, bedding and upholstery, and will soon hatch into new adult fleas. The best way to reduce the chances of having a flea infestation in your home is to use a flea treatment regularly.

Only one of my pets appears to have fleas. Should I only treat the infected pet?

No, it’s important to treat all pets in your household with a suitable flea product. Fleas multiply quickly, so once one pet is infested, it won’t be long before other pets are infested too.

Can I split pipettes of Advantage between my cats?

No, always follow the instructions carefully and give your cat the correct dosage to ensure effective treatment. If you’re unsure of any directions for the application of Advantage for Cats, contact the Bayer Customer Care Line on 1800 768 368 toll free.

What is the expiration date for Advantage for cats?

See your Advantage pack for this information.

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