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Dog-friendly camping tips for a relaxing holiday

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Ready for your next adventure? Before you do anything else make sure to read these dog-friendly camping tips from some of Australia’s top pet experts!
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Camping trips are fun for the whole family, and with proper planning can be an exciting and enriching activity for your dog, too. Camping with dogs does require extra preparation, including knowing which parasites they might be at risk of contracting. But whether this is your first time taking your dog along on a camping trip or you’re a seasoned pro, these dog-friendly camping tips will ensure you’re well organised and prepared.

Be aware of dangerous parasites

Many of Australia’s popular camping sites are located in coastal areas where paralysis ticks are quite common, informs iPetStore. To best protect your dog, they recommend visiting your veterinarian before the trip to ensure your dog is up-to-date with their heartworm, intestinal worm, flea and tick control. As a further safety measure, you should also ensure your details on your pet’s microchip are up to date.

The staff at iPetStore are all committed animal lovers and pet owners who supply a wide range of pet products to a worldwide customer base. Their philosophy is to only supply products they would be happy to give to their own pets.

iPetStore recommends a Seresto collar as one of the best tools on the market to combat paralysis ticks. Fleas and ticks can be found anywhere, but are particularly abundant in bushy areas.

Create a familiar environment 

Holidaying with dogs can be fun for everyone, but be aware that removing your pet from their familiar surroundings can sometimes cause stress. You may be wondering where will your dog be sleeping while camping? Familiarity is highly important to dogs, emphasises It’s important to make every effort to make your dog feel at home on your camping trip. ‘A familiar place to sleep will mean a more comfortable night for both you and your pooch,’ says the online retailer. Pack your dog’s usual bedding, along with familiar smells of home, to comfort your pooch. is one of Australia’s prominent online retailers of animal health products. They offer a wide range of products for pets of all sizes that could come in handy for your camping trip. One such item is a folding water bowl as dogs can get extremely thirsty during outdoor activities like hiking and enjoying the bush. Packing a sturdy lead ensures your dog stays safely by your side while you’re exploring new territory.

Train your dog to be travel smart 

It’s essential to research camping grounds to choose an appropriate place for you and your dog to stay, say the pet travel experts at DogCulture. However, no matter where you choose, remember that other campers may not be dog lovers. To ensure a fun time for everyone, Dog Culture suggests that you should prepare your dog by making sure they’re trained in basic obedience. A reliable recall is particularly important. This could keep your dog out of danger, especially if you’re camping in an unfamiliar area.

DogCulture was established to solve the problems pet lovers face when they want to enjoy travel and recreation with their dogs. It provides all the resources necessary for a happy and safe experience and specialises in pet travel accessories. They offer a further dog-friendly camping tip – pack a doggie towel. Your dog is bound to get wet and dirty on your outdoor adventures. You’ll need something to clean them (and your car) off with!

Know your dog’s whereabouts always 

Responsible dog ownership doesn’t stop when you’re on a camping trip, says Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant Kathy Kopellis McLeod. It’s important to respect not just the space of other campers, but also their dogs. Be mindful of your dog’s safety by not letting them wander too far – they could enter the space of an anti-social dog. By using common sense about what you allow your dog to do, you can avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations like dog fights.

Kathy is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant based in Perth with over 25 years’ experience working with a wide variety of different breeds. Kathy provides training and support for dogs and their owners through her business Kathy’s Dog Behaviour Consulting.

If there’s a likelihood that your dog will wander away from you, Kathy suggests trying out a hands-free walking belt. These innovative belts are less tiring for you than a lead as the centre of gravity is around your hips. It also offers your dog all the freedom of movement they need to explore their new surroundings while still remaining under your control. This way you can both have an enjoyable and relaxing time with no risk of your dog getting lost or getting into trouble.

Put creature comforts first 

To enjoy your dog-friendly camping trip it’s important to think about the needs of your dog, says the Lucky Pet Store. Keeping your dog warm is vital to their overall comfort. The pet experts suggest keeping your pet comfortable by packing a waterproof bed to lie on and a warm coat, especially if you’re camping during the colder months. A good supply of poo bags is also a must – as it’s irresponsible not to clean up after your pet.

Lucky Pet Supplies aims to cater for every aspect of a pet’s health and well-being by stocking everything from holistic pet foods and treats to puzzle toys, cleaning products and travel solutions.

If you’re planning an active holiday, Lucky Pet Supplies recommends the Zippy Paws Adventure Backpack. This practical accessory enables your dog to carry their own water and snacks while you’re out walking together. The Doglite LED Flashing Collar and Leash lights up in the dark so you won’t lose your dog, and drivers and cyclists will be able to see your pup if you’re walking on the road at night.

Educate yourself on pet first-aid 

One of the best aspects of embarking on a dog-friendly camping trip is exploring some of Australia’s pristine nature. Quite often this includes spectacular bodies of water, that also make for refreshing swim spots. However, vet-n-pet DIRECT explains that it’s important to be vigilant and make sure your dog doesn’t drink sea water or any water from dams, creeks or rivers. Even if the water appears fresh, it can still contain bacteria and parasites that could be harmful to your dog.

vet-n-pet DIRECT is a one-stop shop for veterinary and animal healthcare. It is staffed by a team of qualified vet nurses and dedicated support staff. They offer quality pet supplies and a free online pet help centre.

The pet health experts at vet-n-pet DIRECT recommend carrying a pet first-aid kit when travelling with your dog. This should contain emergency supplies like bandages, wound cleaner, nail scissors or clippers, tweezers, antiseptic ointment and insect repellent. A bottle of dog shampoo is also a good idea, just in case your dog needs a bath while you’re away.

A camping trip with your dog can be great fun as long as you approach it responsibly. The right planning and care will ensure you and your furry best friend have a great time making treasured memories on your camping adventure!

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